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The research I perform on these products is completely self driven. I am not paid by any of the companies to promote their products. I am a big believer in promoting products that actually work. We all know there are MANY products out there that claim to improve certain parts of your game, but they are just money grabbers. Now it is time to call out the culprits and get to the scientific truths that the whole industry needs to hear.

shoe testing

The purpose of this study was to identify how the women’s Sqairz golf shoe impacts golf swing performance variables. But first let’s discuss why footwear is important…

In the golf swing we have two points of contact that create friction and enable us to create motion: our hands on and club, and our feet on the ground. Try making a golf swing sitting on a chair with your feet off the ground, you will see that it is tricky. How we interact with the ground throughout our golf swing has a bigger effect on performance than you would think.



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