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Coach Daisy-May Kenny has a passion for helping golfers reach their full potential. Thus, she created a platform for golfers that are serious about improving their game. All programs are designed based on the most current scientific research in the industry. Daisy-May has spent years researching golf biomechanics making her an expert in understanding how your body affects your swing. Specializing in speed and distance  coaching, Daisy-May has a unique approach to improving golf performance.
Please watch the video and read Daisy-May's biography to learn more about why you should choose her as your coach...

Daisy-May Kenny

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Daisy-May is originally from London, England. She is an avid golfer (handicap +2) which led her to the US on a full golf scholarship to The University of West Florida where she obtained her bachelor’s and master's degree in Science. She became TPI Certified in 2016, and soon after founded Biomek Golf where she wanted to create a golf performance platform that everyone could access, anywhere, anytime. She is now based at Princes Golf Club in South East England where she is a PGA assistant professional.

Daisy-May Kenny is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist with a master’s degree in exercise science and a research specialization in sports biomechanics. Daisy-May’s biomechanics research included measuring the affects of various interventions on the biomechanics of the swing using 3D motion capture using Vicon Nexus and ground reaction forces using Kistler Force Plates. The interventions included TPI fitness golf specific workouts, and overspeed training using SuperSpeed Golf.

Daisy-May has presented her research at the International Olympic Conference for the prevention of injury and illness in sport and the National Strength and Conditioning conference. Daisy now specializes in the body-swing connection, ground force mechanics, overspeed training, and injury prevention mechanisms. Her education allows her to take a wholesome approach to helping athletes improve performance. Daisy-May has presented nationwide for BodiTrak Sports and SuperSpeed Golf on different topics associated with the biomechanics of creating speed in the golf swing. She presented on ground force mechanics at the PGA Demo Day 2018 & 2019, the PGA Show: BodiTrak Speaker Series 2018 & 2019, LSU Strength & Conditioning, LSU Athletic Training, the Yankees Baseball team, International Leadbetter Academy, National Leadbetter Junior Academy, and Mike Boyle S&C. Daisy has also taught sections on overspeed training at TPI Level 2 Power, TPI Level 3 Fitness, Junior, Medical and Golf.

"As a golf coach my goal is to make things EASY. I aspire to make tricky concepts make sense to my clients. If they don’t understand, I always find a way to make it make sense to them. Not everyone learns in the same way, and my passion is to search for that learning style that works for each individual I work with. I expect nothing more from my clients than the willingness to listen with an open mind, and in return I will provide a service that will help them improve their game.

I believe in the importance of continued education, even for the best professional coaches in the world. Research is revealing new findings every day, and it is important to relay that information and help improve the knowledge of coaches and companies all over the world. I refuse to stop learning. I intend on continuing my education with new certifications and courses lined up each year. Life is a process, and like learning to walk, we are all here to learn how to take that next step forward."

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